Our Priorities

Brief of Our Strategic  Priorities

Since its inception in 1981, World Vision Zambia has continued to grow and impact children in the areas of development, relief and advocacy. The organisation has grown from one to 72 districts spreading in all the 10 provinces of the country.

The dedication of staff and the faithfulness of supporters are the key attributes propelling the change in children’s lives.

Building on the strength of partnerships, the community-led interventions focused on improved literacy, health, resilient livelihoods and protecting children are our priority areas contributing to the measurable improvement in the well-being of 670,000 vulnerable children by 2020.


With low literacy rate in the country, World Vision Zambia focuses on improving functional literacy among children from grades one to four by supporting provision of reading materials, training teachers in reading skills and facilitating the provision of a conducive learning environment. 

Health Promotion               

Improved health for mothers and children under the age of five is the focus. The approach tackles behavior change, education in nutrition, HIV/AIDS, encouraging positive health-seeking behaviours, and prevention of infections.

Advocacy for sustainable provision of quality health is undertaken to achieve and guarantee child health. World Vision Zambia is aiming at achieving improved access to quality essential health care services.

Resilience and livelihoods               

Improved resilient livelihoods is being achieved by enabling parents and caregivers to provide well for their children through encouraging enterprise development. Households are assisted to begin generating their own incomes and enable them to be entrepreneurs with improved access to financial services, profitability and sustainable markets.

Child Protection               

Child protection interventions are aimed at creating a safe environment in which children can thrive and experience the love of God and neighbours.

This is promoting improved child protection and spiritual nurture as a result children are able to enjoy positive relationships with peers, family, and community members in an environment that recognizes their freedom. This is also resulting in children being cared for in a loving, safe, family and community environment with safe places to play while they are celebrated and registered at birth.

Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Underpinning all other priority areas is Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH). Without adequate water and sanitation children cannot attend school, health outcomes are compromised, livelihoods are threatened, and children are often vulnerable while collecting water.

World Vision Zambia has therefore committed to all our current program areas attaining Universal Access by 2030, thus strengthening other focus areas to achieve their goals.