Hiba talking to WV staff

Youth RESOLVE 2 empowering Hiba to connect with the host community.

Youth are key agents for social change and development. Their role is vital as they represent the backbone of the future societies. Therefore, empowering our young people with the knowledge and skills they need is essential to shape a better world. The Youth RESOLVE initiative, funded by the European Union’s Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the “EU MADAD” fund, and implemented by World Vision in Beirut and Beqaa, encourages youth, aged 16 to 30, to participate effectively and become leading actors in their communities, by developing knowledge and promoting positive civic action. The programme targets 800 youth and parents through interactive COVID-19 and vaccine awareness sessions and the distribution of disinfecting kits to protect them during this pandemic.

Hiba, 29, a mother of two children and Arabic Literature graduate, came to Lebanon 10 years ago fleeing the violence in Syria. She then majored in Nursing because she loves helping people in need. She described Nursing as a humanitarian job, similar to being part of the Youth Committee in Mekse, Bekaa established by World vision in Lebanon. “It is really great to engage as youth and be part of social initiatives. We acquired a lot of knowledge about the best precautions and practices to prevent COVID-19 because it is affecting our lives and communities tremendously,” said Hiba.

“Youth are very efficient when it comes to being vocal and spreading awareness in their communities. They can deliver the messages clearly and they have an enormous energy to advocate towards social changes and responsibilities,” Hiba added. “What encouraged me to participate in this initiative at first is the credibility of World vision and their positive impact on our community, and being a part of the humanitarian efforts and helping people. I personally gained a lot of experience and skills, I feel more confident now.” “Those sessions brought also unity and equity between the Syrian and Lebanese youth. They brought us together for a very good cause, emphasized Hiba.

Facilitating the factors for bringing youth together are enabling young people to develop a united voice and coherent vision for the future. Promoting cooperation and unity can lead to the change we are longing to see in the world.