Young blood eager to help

Raghad and Sana
Wednesday, April 20, 2022

World Vision Lebanon, in partnership with UNICEF, through the Communication for Development (C4D-2) project, aims to amplify the voices of children especially girls by forming children councils in different villages in Beqaa tackling different Child Protection issues in addition to raising awareness on the Vaccine. 

To take the vaccine or not to take it?

The dilemma that been hunting the minds of all humans for the past year. For Raghad, 15 and Sana, 17, the answer is simple, “the vaccine is very important, especially for my family who suffers from chronic diseases,” Raghad says. She encourages her family to get vaccinated and fast to protect themselves from any effect COVID-19 might have on them if they caught it.

The two of the 14 members of Majdel Anjar children council in Beqaa, talked eagerly about how they are looking forward to being able to help their community through vaccine awareness, it benefits and its side effects by preparing a play to be performed in front of the children at the schools of their village.

According to them, having the play at school is very strategic, “we will have a better chance for people to engage and target a higher number. Also, that way children will go home and tell their parents and teachers will talk to their families and neighbours maybe,” Sana explains. The girls believe it is the best way to target both children and adults with awareness.

“I cannot wait to see the look on everyone’s face when we start with the play,” Raghad says, “I am very proud of myself and excited for this experience,” she adds.


The team meetings effects.

With the help of World Vision and in partnership with UNICEF, the children councils are involved in different activities related to child protection, peace, self-confidence, bullying and now vaccine awareness sessions.

Being part of the council is a great learning journey for the girls, “they taught us important issues that we might face related to child protection like bullying,” Sana explains, “I am also very interested to always learn more about COVID and the vaccine,” she adds. For the girls, the team meetings are a great way to develop self-confidence and they think it is a space for children their age to share ideas and brainstorm on different topics which is the best way for personal development.


The Communication for Development project aims to engage children, families and communities to exercise their rights and unlock solutions that will create changes for a social cause.

Moreover, the project falls within WVL’s revised COVID-19 Response plan by identifying a need to continue responding to the COVID-19 pandemic through the distribution of WASH items (PPE, hand sanitisers or soap, disinfection kits, etc.), increasing awareness around COVID-19 prevention, increase awareness around the COVID-19 vaccination, mobilizing communities to prevent and respond to COVID-19.