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COVID is not over, nor should the awareness.

COVID-19, an infectious disease that changed life as we know it and introduced the world to a new normal. To date, more than 155 million people were infected by this virus. Youth Resolve 2, funded by the European Union and implemented by World Vision in Beirut and Beqaa, targeted 800 youth and parents through interactive COVID and vaccine awareness sessions and the distribution of disinfecting kits to help them through this period.

Marie-Therese, 18, member of Sin el Fil Youth committee, explains the importance of such activity in her neighbourhood, "I can tell how much people are interested through their interaction with the consultant during the sessions," she says. Marie-Therese believes that people need these awareness sessions to learn what is right and what is false information either on COVID or on the vaccine, "some of them only rely on social media as a source of information which can sometimes be misleading, this is why their attendance is essential. Personally, I am learning a lot," she says.

Peter, 17, a member of the Sin el Fil Youth committee, is happy to be attending and helping his neighbours during these sessions. "The information disseminated during the session is beneficial, especially the info around the vaccine, "he says, "it is also a good reminder for people to keep taking precautions."

Rafka, 19, attending the session with her mother, explains how even after a year when the pandemic started, they still miss a lot of information. "Today, we learned a lot of new information and tips on how to stay healthy and positive during this period. This initiative allowed people to ask questions and get the right answers," she says.

Nisreen, 43, mother of three boys, already got infected by COVID-19, found this activity to be helpful, "I learned much new information today, especially info on how to help my boys better during this period. We got infected by the coronavirus, so I was able to relate to what was said, but the information on the vaccine cleared my perspective and doubts, especially that my husband and I are getting our first dose next month," she says.