Children take part in Wahana Visi Indonesia's Eggciting project

Indonesia: Eggciting project helps reduce stunting rates

Wahana Visi Indonesia is helping reduce stunting rates Sigi Regency and Paly city through our Eggciting project, supported by DSM and Sight and Life.

To celebrate National Nutrition Day, Wahana Visi Indonesia collaborated with Sigi Regency Health Offices  to carry out a cooking competition with eggs as the main ingredient, and a drawing competition for toddlers to promote the importance of eating eggs as source of protein.

Malnutrition is a grave concern in Indonesia - 87 million Indonesians suffer from food insecurity; 15 million women are anemic and one in every three children is stunted.

Recent breakthrough research studies have shown that an egg a day has the potential to significantly improve growth and reduce stunting.