Benedict and his colleagues in an intensive training session by their trainee

Rescue Project; Transforming Lives of young people in Jirapa

World Vision Ghana’s Rescue Project’s intervention that provides vocational training to young people is bearing fruits in the lives of vulnerable young people in the Jirapa District in the Upper West Region after a few years of implementation.

Due to financial difficulties, many young people in the district have been compelled to leave school to work menial jobs to make ends meet. As a result, they either took part in risky small-scale mining operations or moved to urban areas in search of non-existent jobs.

The Rescue Project, on the other hand, addresses the vulnerability of young people by helping them to develop skills for a living. Without this support, Benedict would have struggled to overcome life's difficulties.

For Benedict, a beneficiary of the project who dropped out of school because of financial challenges, life would have been difficult without the support from the project.  "I dropped out of school due to financial constraints and subsequently engaged in illegal small-scale mining to live and meet basic financial needs," he said.

World Vision identified Benedict as a vulnerable and less privileged young individual facing economic hardship and supported him in enrolling in his chosen life skills training. For Benedict, he chose welding and metal fabrication, and World Vision is supporting his apprenticeship training. "I look forward to opening my welding shop after passing out as a trained welder,"

Mr. Richard Lariba, Benedict’s trainer, spoke highly of him and the other three World Vision sponsored apprentices learning under him.

Also, Cynthia, a beneficiary who faced similar financial challenges and dropped out of school, said, ‘’World Vision through the Rescue Project enrolled me as an apprentice to learn fashion design. I am very happy because it has been my desire to be a fashion designer and also to open a shop where I can also teach other young ladies to become successful in the fashion industry, "she added

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