Fighting Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo with prevention

Using Education and Radio to Help Stop Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Africa is fighting another Ebola outbreak. This time it’s taking place in a conflict zone, where on-going violence is putting millions of children at risk.

Ebola is a regional threat. Conflict in the volatile zone triggers migration to neighbouring countries like Uganda, where cases have been recorded. In South Sudan, World Vision is screening people, managing isolation units and upskilling health workers, should the outbreak spread further.

World Vision has helped reach more than 400,000 people in the DR Congo by training health workers, distributing hygiene kits and supporting community awareness programmes via our proven Channels of Hope programme. Channels of Hope empowers faith leaders to share life-saving Ebola messages with their own communities during religious services, community sensitisation events, and radio programmes. They also mobilise local Channels of

Hope Action Teams (CHATs) to expand the outreach to women, men, and youth in their communities.

Fighting Ebola in the DRC with awareness

Father Innocent Mivumbi explains, “As priests, we reach thousands of people each week, at daily mass, prayer meetings and in the community. We’re also planning to air programmes about Ebola on Radio Maria in Goma,” a popular radio show that covers an area with millions of residents. World Vision has already supported 144 radio shows in Beni and Butembo. Broadcasts in nearby Goma city, home to 1.4 million people, started in June, 2019.

Many people don’t understand the risks associated with Ebola or how to protect themselves. This is why awareness campaigns are crucial to stop Ebola in its tracks. Learn more about the work World Vision is doing to stop the spread of Ebola and how you can help here.