Martine is fetching water in the tap

My school has clean water

By Didier Nagifi, World Vision in DRC Communication Officer

The story below is told by Martine, an 8-year-old, second year primary student and sponsored child of the Ledia program. In her own words, she tells us how the installation of clean water at her school has changed the lives of 2,271 students, including her.

"Before World Vision installed clean water at our school, I had to go to 500 meters from our school and cross busy roads to fetch water to drink when I was thirsty.

When I was in first grade, our school had the blessing of being connected to drinking water.  The installation of this water point was really a relief for all of us. Personally, I no longer had to cross avenues to drink water because [now] we have water all the time on the school grounds which means I can drink anytime I want. While they were connecting our school to drinking the water, our teacher explained that this was possible thanks to the support of World Vision and special funding from our covenant church sponsors.

I also wanted to say that this water not only helps us by allowing us to drink while we are thirsty, we also use it for many purposes. We use it to wash our classrooms and make them very clean, we use it to wash our hands after going to the bathroom, and before and after eating. And, our teachers benefit as well.

Photo Martine in their school holding a water cup

Now, I am very happy to have clean drinking water in our school. It will save us from a lot of stomach aches and save me a lot of time I used to spend walking around outside in search of water to drink. Now. My friends and I can drink it whenever we want.

As every child, I like to play the game of Nzango* with my friends at school. My favourite classes are math and French recitation. I dream of becoming a teacher, once I finish my studies.

I thank World Vision and all the sponsors of Covenant Church who have thought of us children by installing clean water in our school, God bless them."

*Nzango is a traditional game of fun and leisure reserved exclusively for girls.


During this period, the programme and partners planed and implemented the technical projects with funding from World Vision USA (WVUS), support offices including partner’s contributions. In Water, Sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project. As a result, 56,2%, of households reported using sustainable  safe drinking water sources, In total 12000 people of whom 2760 Women, 2520 men, 3600 girls and 3120 boys) have access to clean water and 2271 pupils including1063 girls accessed to clean water in schools. In addition, 54, 3% of people with access to basic (improved) sanitation facilities.

To learn more about additional work World Vision is doing to improve the access to clean water and the health conditions of the families in the Demoncratic Republic of Congo.