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Nune is a successful business woman and model for others

The passion towards non-formal education and willingness to create something useful for her family and the community, as well as the urge of showing the women’s role, capacity, skillfulness and power encouraged Nune to establish her own businesses, while living in a community with stereotypes towards women’s undermined role.

Today, Nune from Tchambarak community is the co-founder and founder of four different businesses: “Nran Hatik” Community Development Foundation, “Nune” B&B, “Harvest House” Social Enterprise and “Tea and Dried Fruits” Production.

Nune’s story of becoming a business woman started with the birth of her daughter. As a young mother, while walking her child, Nune kept observing her surroundings and discovering the huge potential and resources the environment had. This particularly referred to using the Tchambarak Alpine fields for different herbs and tea production and the tasty and diverse fruits in the local gardens for producing canned and dried fruits. That’s how Nune started her initiatives by also joining the first phase of the “Women Economic Empowerment in South Caucasus/ WEESC” project of UNDP funded by ADC, SDC and UN Women in cooperation with RA Government. With the support of this project, Nune started her high value crop production. She also proved that women can run businesses, meanwhile caring for the family and creating value for the community.

Nune also joined the second phase of the UNDP’s project implemented by World Vision, focusing on “Mobilizing Women for Economic Empowerment”. The project helps women from enlarged communities of Gegharkunik and Shirak regions to gain skills and knowledge to become active members of their community, raise their voice and suggest projects that ensure community’s comprehensive development.

Being a part of this project, Nune is also a role model and locomotive for other women to learn, to become more skillful, to recognize their own potential, as well as speak up their ideas and suggest development ideas for their families and communities.