Our Goal:
  • Improve the quality of basic education for children and youth
  • Increase the number of children who can ready (by age 11)
  • Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
 What is the problem?
  • 73% of males and 84% of females older than 15 are illiterate
  • 3 out of ever 5 school-aged children are not enrolled in primary school
  • The average number of students in a classroom is 105!
  • 25% of primary schools that were functional before the 2013 conflict are non-functional
  • Cultural beliefs keep many girls from attending schools, especially after puberty
How is World Vision addressing the issues?

We are improving the quality and accessibility of education by training teachers, improving schools and providing learning materials.

Is what World Vision doing working?

Yes! Teachers who know how to teach and have the tools to do so are having an impact. More children—especially girls—are going to school and actually learning.

What’s the impact?*
  • 659 teachers were recruited and trained
  • 26,082 reading and teaching materials were distributed
  • 30,000 girls received menstrual hygiene kits, uniforms and flip-flops to allow them to stay in school
  • 17,999 girls attended 101 World Vision-supported schools across the country

*Numbers from 2016 and 2017

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