Children in Jong enjoying quality education


What we want to do:

We want to see all children in Sierra Leone have the opportunity to receive a quality education.  We are working towards this by:

  • Increasing children’s access to formal and non-formal education opportunities
  • Ensuring children who attend school are learning
  • Increasing the amount of engagement of parents, guardians, communities and volunteers in children’s education
What is the problem?

Thankfully, every year more children are enrolling in school (including and especially children with special needs) and fewer are dropping out. Although this is positive, local schools and governments have not been able to keep up with the increase in demand leaving schools overcrowded and teachers with limited supplies to meet the needs of their growing classrooms.

How is World Vision addressing the issues? 

We are working with the Ministry of Education and schools in Sierra to train teachers in the Literacy Boost methodology, equipping them with skills and resources to make functional literacy a priority and a reality in their classrooms. We are also partnering with local institutions and funding partners to improve the environments children have at school and make them conducive to learning by providing new buildings and furniture as well as equipping facilities with the necessary sanitation and hygiene facilities, taking into special account the needs of adolescent girls and students with disabilities.

Is what World Vision doing working? 

Yes! We are encouraged to see an average of 23% more children who are finishing their sixth-grade educations and in 2017, 14.22% more of them passed the National Primary School Exam, when compared to 2016.

What’s the impact? 
  • 3,364 teachers received training on improved teaching methodology for language arts and math improving the learning for 168,474 students.
  • 225 classrooms were built and furnished, improving the learning environment for 63,880 students.
  • 88 latrines and 10 hand washing stations were constructed.
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