2021 Annual Report - Sierra Leone
Our Impact in Sierra Leone

Discover our 2021 Annual Report

Learn about how our work contributed towards improvement in the well-being of children in Sierra Leone throughout our 2021 fiscal year (October 2020 - September 2021). 

We owe our achievements to the faithful support of our private and public donors, our hard-working staff, community volunteers and partners, and our agility as an organisation.

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Chosen™ in Sierra Leone
Child Sponsorship

Children empowered at first Chosen™ event in Sierra Leone

The days, months, and years of waiting and wondering for Mariama, Mohamed, and 33 of their peers to see whether they will be chosen by a sponsor are over. Thanks to World Vision's Chosen™ initiative, they’re the ones who got to choose.

With the Chosen™ initiative, World Vision believes that children getting to choose their sponsors doesn’t just change a child’s life—it can change their sponsor’s too. 

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COP26 Leaders: Don't we deserve better?
Finding solutions to climate change

COP26 Leaders: Don't we deserve better?

Climate change is affecting children globally.

Hear from young advocates Tenema and Tejan from  Sierra Leone on how it affects their lives, their friends and their futures, as they reflect on actions that COP26 leaders could take to keep children safe.

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Reviewing a national office strategy through the eyes of children
Child Participation

Reviewing a national office strategy through the eyes of children

World Vision's senior leadership team led by Interim National Director, Sagane Thiaw, recently met with children as part of their group retreat itinerary, with a view to understanding children's views and their knowledge of the work of the organisation. Answers from the bright children and their understanding of child well-being and the Child Rights Act left World Vision’s leadership team electrified with a new understanding from a child’s point of view which will inform the organisation’s Sierra Leone strategy review.

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Providing water for the most vulnerable in difficult terrains
World Water Day 2021

Providing water for the most vulnerable in difficult terrains

In marking this year’s World Water Day, World Vision, in partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Water Resources (and with funding from the Heineken Africa Foundation), commissioned three solar mechanised boreholes water supply systems in three hard-to-reach communities in the eastern part of Freetown. Kola Tree, Kalaba Town, and Kissy Shell are communities that have been without potable water for decades, leaving residents with many sad stories to tell.

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President lauds World Vision's contributions to health sector in Sierra Leone
Collaborating to curb the spread of COVID-19

World Vision’s agile digital solutions help deliver innovative healthcare support in Sierra Leone

World Vision has introduced effective and cost-efficient digital innovations to aid the healthcare system, lauded by H.E. President Dr. Julius Maada Bio. We're collaborating with Government to deploy digital health solutions for accelerating progress towards achieving SDG 3 for healthy lives and wellbeing at all ages.

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#ItTakesUsAll to end COVID-19 in Sierra Leone

On Wednesday April 1st 2020, the Government of Sierra Leone announced a three-day nationwide lockdown as a containment measure against the spread of COVID-19. During the April 4th–6th stay-at-home days,World Vision joined other international and national organisations on a three-day social mobilisation activity. The World Vision team distributed flyers, wall posters and played COVID-19 messages over soundtracks.  

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Sierra Leone

Children in Sierra Leone face many obstacles including poverty and high rates of preventable diseases to survive. Additionally, the 11-year bloody civil war (which ended in 2002), devastating Ebola outbreak and the current effects of climate have left an already poor population much more vulnerable.

Our team has been working in Sierra Leone since 1996, during the civil war. We partner with local actors and the Government to improve the well-being of all children.

Through our  work in 25 Area Development Programs, we are striving to improve the health and nutrition, access to education and protection of all children as we empower families and communities to care for the most vulnerable children. 

7.5 million

Population, total


Capital City

3.7 billion

GDP (current US$)

Our Work

See the impact our programmes are having in the lives of children in Sierra Leone.


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Health and Nutrition

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

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End Sexual Violence

Children face sexual and gender-based violence. We are partnering with communities, government and other organisations to protect children.   Take action by signing our petition! 

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