Strong Girls Strong Zambia Gift Catalogue

World Vision believes that girls have the right to decide their own futures; that is why we have been part of the Ending Child Marriage campaign since 2018. We have retrieved more than 600 girls from child marriages, and now we need to ensure that the girls that have been retrieved do not go back.
Education plays a critical role in keeping girls safe from child marriage. The longer a girl stays in school, the less likely she is to marry before 18. Similarly, families that have increased economic opportunities are less likely to perceive their daughters as means to a livelihood through dowry payments. Through the ‘Strong Girls Strong Zambia’ fundraising campaign, you can give the gift of education to vulnerable girls that have been retrieved from child marriages. You can also provide families with livelihood opportunities that will prevent child marriages from occurring due to financial need. Partner with us so that we can build a strong nation one girl at a time.