Group of Mothers supported by a volunteer on early childhood development

Building a Strong Foundation for Palestinian Children During Their First 1,000+ Days of Life

Early childhood experiences have a profound impact on brain development, which serves as the foundation for all subsequent learning, behaviour, and health outcomes. Eighty percents of the brain develops in the first three years of life. But this development can be interrupted if a child is poorly nourished and nurtured, if she/he is not stimulated properly, or if she/he is not protected from violence. A 2020 baseline study conducted by World Vision revealed that merely 62% of all Palestinian children under six years of age are on track developmentally in all domains.

To address these challenges, World Vision implements Go Baby Go which enhances knowledge, skills, and resilience-promoting parenting behaviours to aid caregivers in fulfilling their roles as primary educators and protectors. Go Baby Go also provides caregivers with planning and self-care strategies to promote autonomy and well-being in the family and community.

Take a look at this briefing to learn more about this model and its implementation in the occupied Palestinian territory.