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With access to a quality education, children become lifelong learners, transform their communities and experience life in all its fullness. We work with communities and local governments to address the barriers to a quality education for all children. Empowering parents and teachers with the tools and training they need gives children the opportunity to shine.


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A world with education for all - We are making progress.  But there’s more to be done. All children have the right to a safe, inclusive and quality education. We want all children to be educated for life, in a safe and nurturing environment, in order to lead productive and fulfilling lives.  

In FY22 - upwards of 43,000 children with disability in 37 countries were provided Education programming suitable for their needs. Our work also enabled families, communities, and schools to provide nurturing care with playful and effective pedagogy.


CIES Conference 18-22 February

At this year’s conference, attendees will focus on improving education for a more equitable world. World Vision’s education experts will be featured on more than 15 panels, sharing learnings, innovations, and much more.  Join us. 

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Education Cannot Wait (ECW) High Level Financing Conference

The ECW High Level Financing Conference (HLFC)  (16-17 February 2023) is a global conference to mobilize resources for the next four years of ECW’s educational support to crisis-affected children and adolescents around the world. Hosted by the Government of Switzerland in close collaboration with the Governments of Colombia, Germany, Niger, Norway, and South Sudan, the HLFC seeks to secure at least $1.5 billion to deliver on ECW’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan

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New Catch Up Programme

Take a look at our new World Vision Catch Up Programme through the eyes of our World Vision Ghana office. For example in FY22 

  • 92% of the children in Ghana's CUP clubs were able to read grade level words
  • 25% could read and comprehend sentences
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Our Project Models:

  • Go Baby Go - Find out more about our ECD approach that targets the first 1,000+ days of a child's life 
  • Learning Roots -  Find out how to assist with the earliest years of a child’s life are a window of opportunity to support the emergence of literacy, numeracy and life skills
  • Unlock Literacy - Find out how to assist unlocking literacy for lifelong learning outcomes

are being integrated and adapted across the world to ensure children are being educated despite the challenges.

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Measuring Evidence of Quality Achieved (MEQA) Tool Recognition!

Access the MEQA Tool and read the full Brookings Institute Report 

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Over 5 million people reached with information, education and communication of PSS materials in 59 countries during COVID-19

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