Mother Earth Day 2022 - World Vision JWG - When Mother Earth Sends Us A Message

When Mother Earth Sends Us A Message

International Mother Earth Day celebration is a reminder to each one of us that earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance. This day is an opportunity to raise public awareness around the world to the importance and challenges of the well-being of our planet and all the life it supports. Education is the foundation of this awareness. We need to empower everyone, especially children, with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of the protection of environment and be the future leaders on the matter.

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Overcoming Isolation - The story of Serine - ECHO Grant - World Vision JWG 1

Overcoming Isolation: The Story of Serine

Five-year-old Serine is a different girl because of a project funded by an EU Humanitarian Aid grant. “My name is Serine,” she says in an excited voice. “I’m 5 years old and I’m a good student. I want to become a teacher when I grow up.”

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Fida's Story - I Was Given The Opportunity To Be The Mother And The Woman I Wanted - World Vision JWG 1

“I Was Given The Opportunity To Be The Mother And The Woman I Wanted.”

"I am grateful to the World Vision for helping me, like other women in this country, to take important leadership roles at the community level, and for the opportunity it gave me to be the mother and woman I want.”

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Life with Abundance of Hope Enables Qais - World Vision JWG - Disabilities 1

Life with Abundance of Hope Enables Qais

What is the world without loving each other, supporting each other, and be committed to leaving no one behind, especially the most vulnerable of us?


Women Education is Women Empowerment

In celebration of this year's International Women's Day, World Vision JWG would like to share the story of Amneh, one of our volunteers in the Sponsorship Program and the Go Baby Go Program.

Circumstances forced Amneh to drop out of school after the sixth grade, and she got married at the age 16, but her passion for education did not prevent her from completing her studies later in life. Let's get to know Amneh more and her story through the video.

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Someone from Abroad Cares About Me - World Vision JWG

Someone from Abroad Cares About Me

Every year during Christmas period, World Vision sponsored children receive celebration cards from their sponsors. They also receive cards from their sponsors for other occasions during the year, such as their birthdays. Although these cards are just a piece of paper, for the sponsored children these cards have a huge meaning.

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Talfeet IMPACT+ Club - JWG

Qasam - from a Sponsored Child, to an IMPACT Club Leader to a Village Council Member

On October 26 of each year, Palestinians celebrate their women in a #nationalwomenday. In this occasion, World Vision JWG would like to shed the light on a special lady, who went from being a sponsored child to an IMPACT Club leader to being a member in her village council. Watch the story of Qasam in this video.

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World Vision JWG She flies

She flies, falls, but is strong enough to fly again

"Look around you, the world gives us a lot of space to live in. Spread your wings, and take advantage of the opportunities available to you in your school, home and neighbourhood."

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Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza

World Vision started to work in the West Bank and Gaza in 1975. Since then, World Vision JWG has developed one of the largest community-based presence of any organisation operating in the West Bank with 80 dedicated staff and a total annual budget of $11 million USD. In 2021, our programming on education, early childhood development, child protection and child resilience benefited directly more than 455,000 people, including 282,000 children in 150 villages in the West Bank.

World Vision JWG KG Children 1

It Takes a World

to end violence in and around schools


85% of Palestinian children report experiencing
psychological or physical violence in the past 12 months.
I am Strength

Support Children in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza to Help Increase Stability and Hope