Child wellbeing monitoring, Community Engagement and Advocacy

Strategic Objective: Increase in children who have positive and peaceful relations in their families and communities

The integration of community engagement, child well-being monitoring and advocacy addresses the negative worldviews of people that lead to child rights violations. Specifically, projects promote the adoption of attitudes, social norms and practices that are sensitive to and supportive of children's rights and care. This is done by equipping parents, caregivers, local and faith leaders with the capacity to address norms, practices and attitudes that are harmful to children. Systems and structures are also strengthened and policies enforced. Attitudes are changed through the empowerment of parents and communities at large.  Another intervention is to empower the most vulnerable youth to be social innovators with the skills and competencies to identify problems and challenges in their communities and implement solutions to these problems. Our projects also provide opportunities for boys and girls to participate and engage meaningfully in decision-making processes at all levels.

Achievements in fiscal year 2022:

  • 35,510 children were reached by World Vision's faith-based approaches, including spiritual nurture of children,
  • 76,835 children were reached through child protection campaigns,
  • 5,620 adolescents have completed a life skills curriculum (9 months or longer),
  • 379 functional community-based child protection committees in our sponsorship programming,
  • 8,122 children, adolescent and youth participated meaningfully in actions that support ending violence against children,
  • 27277 children for whom World Vision contributed to policy change or implementation addressing causes of vulnerability.


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