ENOUGH child hunger and Malnutrition

#ENOUGH, World Vision Lesotho's Call to End Hunger

Lesotho's Call for #Enough

In the heart of Lesotho, where mountains touch the sky,
A tale of hunger whispers, a nation's silent cry.
Land of beauty, resilience, where dreams are sown,
Yet, the echoes of hunger linger, a challenge to disown.

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ENOUGH child hunger and Malnutrition

A Call to Action in Ending Child Hunger and Malnutrition in Southern Africa

In the heart of Lusaka, Zambia, colleagues from across World Vision Southern Africa—Zambia, Lesotho, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Eswatini, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique and the Global centre team—have gathered for the #ENOUGH campaign design workshop.

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Faith Partnerships for Environmental Stewardship & Climate Action

Lesotho's Journey of Transformation Through Faith Partnerships for Environmental Stewardship and Climate Action

The launch of the Faith Partnerships for Environmental Stewardship & Climate Action Project by World Vision. Together with our partners, we are enhancing the well-being of 580,000 children and 250,000 households by 2025 through climate action, health, and faith-based development. 🤝🍃

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Fighting for ENOUGH: Thato's Inspiring Triumph Against Malnutrition

In the small village of Phamong, situated in the southern side of Lesotho, a young boy named Thato was quietly struggling, living in a place where poverty was a constant and unforgiving companion.

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Savings for transformation

Savings for Transformation Groups Transforming Communities in Lesotho

The S4T groups have been designed with a powerful purpose: ‘to uplift the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society. Guided by the principle of an explicitly inclusive practice, these groups ensure that everyone, including women and people with disabilities, can access financial services and participate actively in the local market economy.

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World Vision Lesotho


World Vision International Lesotho (WVIL) is a member of World Vision International, a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

As witnesses, World Vision leaders and staff participate in God’s work in this world, serving as ambassadors of His spiritual and social transformation. We affirm the value of all our ministries as expressions of witness to Christ’s life and love. This is expressed and manifested in all aspect of our lives, deeds, words and signs.

For over 37 years WVIL has has been committed to protecting and caring for children in Lesotho especially the most vulnerable; walking in the footsteps of our Founder Bob Pierce who gave his last $5 to help care for an abandoned child in 1947.

Our calling to Lesotho is to bring extreme poverty to an end by reaching children who continue to struggle in the most vulnerable and hardest to reach places in Lesotho because we believe that even in the places where it is hardest to be a child, God is there and we should be there too.

2.2 million

Population, total


Capital City

2.3 billion

GDP (current US$)

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