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All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development

All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development: This website addresses barriers in the following areas:  

Learn how  All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development (ACR GCD) shows how Education technology is a game-change in low-resource and crisis contexts to bridge gaps in access  to improve literacy, both in school and out of school including those with disabilities.  Help improving reading outcomes through innovations like online digital libraries View the video below to find out how:

MEQA Brookings

Measuring Education of Quality Achieved (MEQA)


    MEQA is a digital coaching & monitoring system designed specifically for the Education project models 

     Its features consist of: 

    1. Digital surveys and observation forms 

    2. Instant feedback for coaching

    3. Online dashboard of output & outcome indicators.

    Education Technology provides  unique opportunities to address many education challenges in the developing world, fragile contexts and conflict environments, leading to improvements in student learning and life skills.

    Technology investments have the ability to support education programming when implemented in a strategic and contextualised manner. Technology has the potential to help strengthen evidence-based programming already in place by:

    • Expanding access and equity to resources and programming
    • Improving efficiency and quality of data collection for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities
    • Diversifying teaching techniques for different learning styles and abilities

    World Vision is exploring ways in which technology innovations can strengthen education programming and contribute to child well-being.

    Please do take a look at UNICEF's Child Protection in Digital Education Policy Brief and Technical Note.