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Children and young people around the world are taking action to create a safer world for themselves and their peers.

These young Changemakers continue to amaze us with their passion and efforts as agents of change in their communities. It’s truly awe-inspiring to see the advocacy work they're doing to end violence against children.

We want you to meet some of our Changemakers. We hope you'll be inspired to join together with them and support their efforts - and be a global Changemaker too!

Meet our Global Changemakers

We asked these incredible Changemakers some questions about themselves and their advocacy work. We were captivated by their thoughtful and profound answers. Discover what makes them so passionate about ending violence against children and what they're doing to mobilise support around the world.

Q&A with Amy

Meet Amy

Q&A with Barack

Meet Barack

Q&A with Carlos

Meet Carlos

Q&A with Clara

Meet Clara

Q&A with Dola

Meet Dola

Q&A with Emilene

Meet Emilene

Q&A with Esmeralda

Meet Esmeralda

Q&A with Genoveva

Meet Genoveva

Q&A with Igli

Meet Igli

Q&A with Jakaringan Cinema Team

Meet Jakaringan Cinema Team

Q&A with Jason

Meet Jason

Q&A with Katherine

Meet Katherine

Q&A with Lahoo

Meet Lahoo

Q&A with Mara and Alexandra

Meet Mara and Alex

Q&A with Miradie

Meet Miradie

Peace Builders Movement

Meet Peace Builders Movement

Q&A with Sanjida

Meet Sanjida

Q&A with Sarafina

Meet Sarafina

Q&A with Shamima

Meet Shamima

Q&A with Yeon-seo

Meet Yeon-seo
Take Action and Make Change

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Call on leaders - to partner with Changemakers to end violence against children.

Amplify - the voices of young Changemakers around the world through social media and encourage young people around you to be the change.

Tell us - what makes you a Changemaker, or share about a Changemaker you know! Tag @WorldVision and join a community of #Changemakers making a real difference around the world #ItTakesAWorld

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We work for justice for children through advocacy and global campaigns.

We believe in the power of one voice — its ability to do the impossible, overcome inequality, challenge harmful behaviours and call for justice for children. We mobilise, amplify and harness voices – especially those of children – across the world to call for what is right, what is fair and what is just.

Young Changemakers are mobilising actions around the world to end violence against children through our global campaign It takes a worldWe hope to affirm and celebrate them as agents of change. We want to recognise their contribution and leadership in advocating for ending violence against children and in influencing changes in policies and practices at local, regional and global levels.

Let’s come together to amplify the voices of young Changemakers and support their calls for real and lasting actions that will bring an end to violence against children.

We want to change the way the world works for children and create lasting, sustainable impact. We believe all children should be valued, listened to, included and nurtured within peaceful, reconciled and equal families, communities and societies.

We believe that children and young people can play a significant role as agents of transformation with the capability to engage in decision-making processes.

Children and young people have the right to freely express their views and there is an obligation to listen to children’s views. At World Vision, we consider child and youth’s meaningful, safe, and appropriate participation a key strategic priority for ensuring sustained child well-being and creating democratic societies with informed and engaged citizens.

Chengzhen, 10 - sponsored child in traditional dress
It takes a world to

End violence against children

Over 1 billion children are affected by violence. It destroys their dignity, their rights, their potential and their future.

We’re relentlessly taking action to end violence against children - highlighting when it occurs, empowering young people to speak out and holding those responsible to account.

Together we can make a safer world for children.

Be part of our global campaign