Khmer boy in the foreground kneeling in a grassy field with his mum in the background

We work in over 400 villages across the country

Meet Our Communities

We work in over 400 villages across 10 provinces in Cambodia to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children. Sustainable transformation starts with strong relationships. It involves an investment in partnerships with community members as they strive to take care of themselves and their families. Together we embark on long-term projects that last between 5-15 years. We help communities discover their vision and provide them with the skills and resources necessary to overcome poverty and live in abundance of stability, safety and sustainability.

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Happy Communities

Our aim is to help communities develop into safe spaces for children to grow and learn. We know when we create a place which is safe for children, the whole community benefits.

Two men from the World Vision emergency response team unload food supply boxes from the back of a white ute

Emergency Response

We are well equipped to respond when disaster strikes. As a relief organisation, responding to emergencies is one of our core roles. 

Our disaster response team works hard to minimise the impact of disasters through risk reduction and builds capacity within communities to better respond to disasters.

We have three core approaches to dealing with more frequent, simultaneous extreme weather events.