Food Security, Livelihoods and Nutrition


Livelihoods in Burundi

Our Goal:

Improved nutrition security for children under 5 as well as pregnant and lactating mothers by 2020.

What is the problem?

Increased food prices and insecurity are making food inaccessible to many families. More than half of the children in Burundi are not receiving the food and nutrients their bodies and brains need to develop properly. In fact, 65% of children under 5 are stunted, a result of chronic malnutrition.

What is World Vision doing?

We are supporting vulnerable families to improve the nutritional status of their children by helping them increase their harvests through the provision of improved seeds and fertilizers. We are also working with farmers to be able to transform surplus food into income by linking them to markets.

We are also providing vulnerable community members access to credit and loans through Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs). Having access to loans enables families to provide for daily needs of their households and to be able to initiate off-farm income-generating activities to supplement their agricultural activities.

Is what World Vision doing working?

Yes! In 2017, more than 1,600 Village Savings and Loan Associations were established and are improving the well-being of around 100,000 children.

What is the impact?*

  • 7,385 malnourished children who gained at least 400 grams in one month through health prorammes
  • 4,560 farmers received training and are now employing improved and sustainable agricultural techniques
  • 22,522 farmers were supported with agricultural inputs or assets (such as seeds and tools)

*Numbers from 2017

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