About Us

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to the well-being of children. We are committed to working with children, families, and their communities around the world to overcome poverty and injustice.

Because the issues facing vulnerable children are rarely isolated, our teams use an integrated programming approach to address the root causes of child poverty.

We are child focused. Our work is community-based and sustainable. We work in partnership with communities, the Government of Burundi, local institutions, private sector companies, other Non-Government Organizations, UN Agencies and faith-based organisations as well as corporate and individual donors from many countries. We seek to forge and promote partnerships with grassroots organisations and actors.

We seek to end injustice and inequality for the children and communities we serve by raising our voices along with the voices of vulnerable children and their communities. We act and speak against the complex structural and systemic causes of poverty by advocating for changes in policies, systems, practices and attitudes that perpetuate inequality and poverty for children. Together, with our partners, we strive to address unjust practices and work for lasting change.