Community Level Access to Social Services (CLASS)

Duration: Sep 2017 - June 2024 

Project budget: USD 4,896807

Donor: USAID Armenia

Location: 10 regions and Yerevan

Implementing Partners: World Vision Armenia, Child Development Foundation, Women Support Center (WSC), Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform (DRRNP). 

Project Status: Ongoing

Key achievements


Individuals received social support and counselling services from Community Social Workers, among them more than 20,000 children


War-affected families received humanitarian assistance, war-affected women were involved in psycho-social support sessions


Families engaged in economic resilience activities, receiving vocational trainings and working tools


Community Social Workers՛ positions established in local self-governance bodies


Community Social Workers enrolled and graduated from the “Community Social Work” distance learning course organized by the Yerevan State University and National Institute for Labor and Social Research

Goals and objectives

Through the Community Level Access to Social Services (CLASS) program, USAID, World Vision, Child Development Foundation, Women’s Support Center and Disaster Risk Reduction National Platform aims to strengthen the social protection system through effective community-based social work and improve the lives of most vulnerable children and their families.

Key actions

Key activities of the project include: Supporting adoption and enforcement of legislative  mechanisms regulating case management practices; Promoting capacity building  and cooperation of community based responsible actors to respond to the needs of highly vulnerable children and families; Increasing the resilience of socially most vulnerable families; Establishing best practices of coordination and cooperation of child protection actors at community and regional levels; Improving policy and practices to advance the rights and reconciliation of displaced women and girls for social inclusion, economic empowerment and labor rights, civic engagement, Developing the capacity of community social workers, local government officials, and CSOs on conflict and gender sensitive aid; Facilitating the rehabilitation and integration of women impacted by the conflict.

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