Unmasking the impact of COVID-19 on Asia's most vulnerable children

Unmasking the Impact of COVID-19 on Asia's Most Vulnerable Children
الثلاثاء, يوليو 7, 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic, in most Asian countries, has triggered a number of economic and social fractures aggravated by the lockdowns and other measures imposed by governments. This harsh condition has sent into motion the shrinking of the economy and the limited provision of health, social and educational services. The compounded effects of these circumstances over the vulnerable children, families and communities exacerbates the pre-existing risks of malnutrition, child violence, poverty, and access to essential services. Post WV’s initial COVID-19 relief response phase, the need to conduct a rapid recovery assessment at HH and community level, was identified to grasp the enormity of the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable groups, especially children. The findings of this report will inform WV's recovery interventions, moving forward.