In the midst of Covid-19 in Jordan, our Solid Waste Management team doesn't stop!

الاثنين, مارس 30, 2020

The Azraq wetland is the only oasis in the Arabian Desert with a self-replenishing system that has allowed it to sustain itself throughout the years. Nowadays, 26 kilometers west of the Azraq Wetland Reserve lies the Azraq Refugee camp, home to 40,000 registered Syrian refugees.

In 2017, a Green Center was established to deal with the 17 metric tons of solid waste produced every day in the camp. The Green Centre built by the Environmentally Responsible Solid Waste Management Project funded by the European Union recovers an average of 40 tons of recyclable waste per month, thus reducing the amount of waste sent directly to the landfield.

In the midst of Coronavirus, the government of Jordan imposed a national lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. It hasn’t stopped our World Vision staff to go the extra mile to keep the Azraq camp safe and clean.  

Watch the video and hear World Vision staffs explain the way COVID-19 has changed life inside the camp.